With great reverance shown to the artistic vision of Gene Rodenberry, the cast of Start 'Trekkin embark on an improvised journey through the galaxy. Stories are improvised based upon audience suggestions and are geared to closely resemble the original television series. Special attention is paid to such
genre specific elements as conflict, sex, and gratuitous violence.

"There is mutiny, moral dilemmas, near destruction, prison escapes, short skirts, count downs, sex, world controlling computers, strange accents, aliens, strange new worlds, odd outfits and more." 

San Francisco Frontlines

"...dragging the series where no sitcom has gone before...no two perfromances are alike..."

SF Bay Guardian



Chris Brady • Simon Hanson

Naomi Stien • Richard Ross • Lawrence Wolf • Laura Derry • Libby Palomeque


Presented by 11th Hour Productions