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1/13/06 Moved eggs to net breeder. 2 look fertile    

A different couple of cuttles mated.

I am considering moving the eggs out of the main tank.

1/8/06 I have one cuttle that likes to play in a stream of air bubbles. It was swimming around franticly trying to get to the bottom of the tank but couldnt. When it finally inverted, bubbles came out of its mantle and then it could swim fine.    
1/6/06 Couldn't et crabs for a few days becauselow tide wqasin the middle of the night. As woke up to fine a cuttle bone that looked like a surf board with a shark bite. This was one of the smalleer cuttles of the croupl    
1/4/06 Secondclutch of eggs laid. Many males stayed actived in the areaduring laying, and different males mated wit hthe female during that time. between laying the female would 'flash' kind of like the flashing of the carribean reef squid during mating.    


Cant tell how may yet, but there is a batch almost totally hidden from view.

The cuttles laying eggs are about 6 months old.


More mating. More display, but it doesn't seem like agression.

Low tide has been in the middle of the night lately, so they have been eating mostly ghost shrimp. Maybe I will drag myself out of bed tonight, as they are all begging at the glass.

12/21/05 Mating! Saw one couple do it several times.    
12/20/05 Male displaying behavior! None of it seems agressive. Maybe they aren't really fighters, rather just saying something like 'I am cooler than you'.    
10/22/05 Interestingly enough, most of them seem to be spending much time in the smaller space.    

Removed the 'door' to the connecting section of the 100 gallon tank because I was scared they would start fighting.

All 11 are doing well and eating like pigs


Moved babies to 100 gallon tank, but only to two of the divided sections with the divider removed.

  Made this video before moving them - click here
7/13/05 Six babies delivered to the lab at Berkeley - Roy Caldwel and Crissy Huffard    

Started collecting pods from the beach again. I don't see any feasable way to purchase live food for so many babies, so will try to wean them to frozen very soon.

  Never actually tried to wean them to frozen because I found a much easier way to collect pods.
7/8/05 The eggs have started hatching. I left them in some cubes plumbed into the main tank, some with air for water flow. They seem to be doing well - few seem to be shrinking.    

Sent several hundred eggs to All the eggs surrived shipping.

6/28/05 Recieved a big shipment of eggs from a local wholesaler. Finally!    
6/20/05 Both new cuttles are 'begging' for food when I walk into their room.    
6/19/05 Both new cuttles ate frozen thawed krill    
6/18/05 Recieved two healthy bandensis from a local wholesaler    

Lost male cuttle. Presumably due to infection from the injury to the top arms, but possibly from long toer exposure to food from the SF bay.


Will move from collected food to thawed frozen food in the future.

Next breeding effort will consist o several cuttles getting the run of the entire 100 gallon tank.

6/7/05 Lost Female cuttle. Both had abrasions on their top arms from trying to get to the other through the grating on the devider. Presumably the death was due to infection.    
6/1/05 More sex  
5/20/05 More sex  
5/10/05 More sex    
5/7/05 More sex    
5/1/05 Put the two bandensis together and the immediately had sex. Waiting and hoping for eggs    
4/28/05 Seperated the two because I found the third dead.    
4/22/05 Three bandensis left, male and female had sex tonight    
4/29/05 Metasepia dies. Was doing well, then just kicked the way cuttles sometimes do.    
4/12/05 Crissy Huffard vistied and confirmed the Metasepia is an adult male. Big adult male. I think his is on his way out. Sometimes he has no interest in food, sometimes he floats around at the top of the tank. Some injuries to some arms.    
2/28/05 Video of metasepia here!    
2/22/05 Metasepia picked up from LA. Ate right away.  
  Discontinuity - busy busy busy with my daughter and wife!    
10/22/04 4 baby cuttles hatched from imported eggs    
9/29/04 Lost an adult cuttle (2 males left) after 5 months    
9/19/04 Lost an adult cuttle (3 males left) after 6 months 5/1/05 I think the injury under the eye in the pic below may be from bristle worms eating on the dead cuttle.
9/18/04 Babies had sex!    

Lost a baby cuttle to fighting/cannibalism

What I think are bite marks are visible on the mantle, and flesh ismissing from under the eye.

9/7/04 The first male that I seperated a few days ago laid eggs. Not a male! Laying eggs at 3.5 months, who knew?    
9/6/04 Saw two more males fighting and seperated another.    
9/4/04 Looks like fighting males. I moved one to solatary.    
9/1/04 The babies seem to have split into two groups at either end of the section they live in.    
8/24/04 The rescue cuttle, bigger than the babies, smaller than the adults, died today. Have no idea why.    
8/20/04 10 baby cuttles left, the rest have been sold. They are now living together in a 5 foot section of an 8 foot tank.    
8/5/04 Number one passed away.    
8/3/04 Ordered 1000 saltwater guppies from octopets. Good deal.    
7/23/04 One of the adults was eating a crab, dropped the crab and ate a fish.    
7/3/04 Number one ate some ghost shrimp with vigor. Prehaps he will last a while and just need some help getting food. Just after he ate he ejected some sperm packets.    
6/29/04 Sadly, number one has a cloudy eye, and I am taking that as a sign he is soon to start going down hill. He had problems catching a goldfish today. The female that died had a cloudy eye when she started to go down hill asw well.    
6/25/04 The babies are now eating full grown ghost shrimp. Shrimp bigger than themselves. Much cheaper than mysids. Hopefully they will soon be on collected crabs.    
6/16/04 Baby cuttles eat guppies! Check the videos link    
6/10/04 New nursery is up. It is an 8 feet long, 10 inchs wide and 14 inches tall.    

16 babies from the wholesaler are doing great. They eat a LOT.
All adults are doing well.Also rescued a 3cm cuttle from a hobbyist who realized they shouldn't keep it.

5/20/04 Last of the babies from my eggs died.    

Found two of the bandensis babies dead. The one that was separated looks good, the one left of the three that were together looks small and unhealthy.

The female cuttle that laid all the eggs died today. The rest of the adults are doing great.

5/15/04 I received 10 cuttle eggs, 3 already hatched, from a different LFS who saw them at a wholesaler and thought of me. Different species, from the Philippines.    
5/14/04 Seriously considering euthanasia for the female. She continues to go downhill - now she sits in one place most of the time and one eye is clouded over.    
5/13/04 Separated the one large baby from the other three.    
5/9/04 Picked up 2 new cuttles. Small - mantle about 3 cm. Hopefully, they are female.    
5/9/04 Four babies are doing great. Getting bigger.    
5/8/04 The female is not doing well. She isn't catching food well, and she is lethargic.    
5/3/04 Several 'mucous' eggs laid by Three this morning.    
5/3/04 Yolk sacs gone. Saw one move its arms.    
5/3/04 Morning: several of the 'mucous' eggs in Threes cubicle    
5/2/04 Night: One and Three mate with lights on    
5/2/04 1 egg hatches (from clutch 3c)    
5/2/04 Sex again for One and Three    
5/1/04 3 eggs hatch (from clutch 3c)    
4/8/04 Moved Three next to One    
4/7/04 Lost Five He actually never ate and never colored up.    
4/27/04 Found a clutch of 15 or 20 eggs (3d). They look different, kind of coated in a thick mucous. Moved to nursery.    
4/25/04 Night: One and Three mate again    
4/20/04 Nursery set up, eggs moved    
4/16/04 found a single egg (3c)    
4/15/04 Found 2 clutches of cuttle eggs - one of about 9 (3b), the other 30 (3c)    
4/14/04 Night: One and Three mate.    
4/11/04 Found a 8 'lose' cuttle eggs (clutch 3a) in Threes cubicle. Either from a previous mating, infertile, or the mated around the divider. 5/1/04 All these egg are infertile
3/31/04 Bought 3 new cuttles, named Three, Four, and Five 4/2/04 The 2 huge cuttles at the LFS that I did not buy died.
3/27/04 Introduced One and Two for sexing or mating, both are male    
2/3/04 Cuttle Condo up and running    
12/9/03 Bought two cuttles, named Zero and One    
12/12/03 Zero died due to fighting through the eggcrate divider    
1/25/04 Bought a single cuttle today, named 2    

On December 9th 2003, I saw two cuttlefish for sale at a local fish store. I snapped them up, and threw together a tank for the with stuff I had laying around, and rock and sand from my sump.

The consensus is they are Sepia Bandensis

Plenty has changed, and I will attempt to update this page often. However, the I think the other pages are more important because they actually show what happened/is happening. If you have questions, shoot me an email!


Updating this info page has been hard. Between cutting the cuttle video, putting the together to breed, and setting up the nursery tank I have been busy with this project.

A quick synopsis.

I currently have 4 cuttles, I believe one female and three males. In total I have lost 2 cuttles, one when I bought the original two, and a second when I bought three more (he never ate). They are set up in the cuttle condo, the original male and a female have been doing the nasty, and I have eggs developing in the nursery tank.


Plenty has happened. The two are moved over to their new homes. Before the move, the larger cuttle wasn't eating consistently, but after the move, has begun eating like a pig. Strangely, the smaller one is now not eating consistently.

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